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Drake Farms trucking offers a range of services, including TL and LTL shipments, nationwide – dry or chilled. We offer bulkhead services upon request. We are a single point of contact for our customers in today's demanding marketplace. We focus on the most efficient and timely method to keep our customers products moving forward to guarantee on time delivery. We offer the following services to help ease our customer’s needs:
·       Warehousing
·       Crossdocking
·       Tracking
·       Logistical maintenance – scheduling, confirmation of delivery, etc.
As we continue to grow into a leader in refrigerated shipping - so does our service area. Right now, we presently pickup, ship and deliver to the majority of the lower 48 states. Green indicates our current servicing area.

Warehousing – Drake Farms has the necessary temperature-controlled facilities to assist in aiding our customers by storing and organizing product for short or long-term care.
Cross Docking – Needing to consolidate your load? Rearrange product to more effectively line up your deliveries? Whatever reason it may be, cross docking allows you the freedom to maneuver your product to help guarantee the success of your requirements.
Tracking – We have the capabilities to track the shipments 24/7. To ease your mind, and that of your customer, we can provide real time tracking on every shipment that leaves Drake Farms.
Logistical Maintenance – Here at Drake Farms, we provide comprehensive service to our customers. Not only do we handle the shipping, but we offer to handle all the aspects, so you don’t have to! Our dedicated staff will schedule everything from the pickup, cross docking, deliveries, track loads fully and hand over PODs within hours of final delivery.
LTL (Less Than Truckload) – An affordable option that is offered and will allow you to transport less than a full truckload to a one or more destinations. We offer this option throughout the 43 states that we service.
TL (Truckload) – A convenient option for fast delivery of every load – our fleet is here for you.
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